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Why pay with Stripe?

The Purple Locust website offers two checkout options – Stripe and PayPal. But I would urge you choose to pay with Stripe.

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Because to put it bluntly, Stripe is cheaper for me. Don’t get me wrong, PayPal offers a great service, but their fees are a significant burden for a small home business that only sells handmade crafts.

Behind the scenes, there is very little difference between PayPal and Stripe. Both are PCI-DSS compliant and use industry standard encryption to protect your card details and privacy for instance.

Importantly, both services offer a reliable dispute mechanism. In the extremely unlikely event that you’re not happy with your order and we cannot resolve the issue between us, you can report the transaction to Stripe who will investigate.

Stripe even liaise directly with your bank to ensure the refund process is completed smoothly. (You can learn more about the Stripe payment dispute process here).

And when you pay with Stripe, you also have the choice of using Apple Pay or Google Wallet. Just click the logo on your screen and let your phone do the magic. Suck on that PayPal.

So before you click that bright yellow PayPal button, ask yourself, could I pay with Stripe instead?

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